Store Marketing Solution

Loyalty (Siren POS)

 1. VIP recognition

2. notification of VIP visit 

 3. relay of customer 

appreciation coupon

Smart POS

 4. Coupon delivery 

- Verification of customer within and without the store

- Marketing for drawing in customer traffic from vicinity of the store

Transmission of coupon through extremely low frequency during which Push Message and Bluetooth are off. 



Execution of automatic app via sensor(SirenPOS, Beacon)

launch of event for coupon dissemination for customers in vicinity of the store and analysis of its traffic drawing effect

SirenPOS is a service that supplies coupons at the right time and right place, which is activated

by detecting customer’s approach to the forefront of the Force with ultra sound waves, which executes coupon and stamp app.

Store Marketing Solution

CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

  Quest for Opportunity  

  Planning of Campaign 

  Campaign Execution  

  Response Survey 

 Performance analysis 

Mulling over when, how, to whom, and what to market

Object and subject for target campaign channel campaign

Collection of per-channel campaign result

ROI analysis

CRM plays a role to boast purchase-rate by inducing revisit through consistent customer management

Solution to promote customer purchase rate with data resulting from analysis of customer purchase pattern at various events for customers

Store Marketing Solution

Foot Traffic Management

Multiple store analysis  

  data collection period   

analysis of revisit

point of fixated location, time analysis

 collection of customer information from customers without as well as within the vicinity of store  

MAC Address



monthly report   

Foot traffic analysis is solution that helps raise revenue by running various marketing via in-store beacon, which is based on analysis of customer's staying duration, location, revisit or not, which is collected from customer without as well as within the store.