2. reservation notification 

 3. reservation   confirmation notification  

 1. Reservation authorization 

Smart POS

  • Convenient mobile reservation

  • reservation through automatic time-coordination

  • simultaneous payment authorization

  • Reservation registration and verification

  • periodical reservation-verification

  • automatic notification of reservation to customer prior to reservation time point

Support for reservation-simultaneous payment authorization function

Convenient mobile reservation system unconfined by place and time

Reservation can be processed via customer-direct selection of table, date, and time

Expectation for decline of reservation cancellation and increase of revenue



Store Management Solution



Store Management Solution

Store Security

 1. Abnormal transaction data


 2. diligence and laziness management

 3. Event Notification  

Order cancellation

cancellation of payment authorization

reimbursement / return

 Monitoring of store clerks 


Smart POS


  - Situation Monitoring

  - POS Snap shot

 - Checking of motley cancelation data

 - per-event screen image verification

 - link with security company

Per-event situation filming for order cancelation, payment approval cancelation, reimbursement, return, and other abnormal data

Real-time verification of screen images on the basis of sales statement or event via store owner’s app.

Theft prevention via Pos snap shot and camera filming function - automatic situation notification at the time of loss – possible security linkage